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How does technology solve problems in daily lives? We are now accepting applications for our App Entrepreneur workshop. We are looking for passionate, driven students who aspires to become entrepreneurs in the technology world. If you would like to bring your ideas to reality, read on!

In this 1-week, full-day workshop, students not only learn app development hands-on, but also engage in design thinking process, solve problems for local non-profit organizations. Students then go into a local NGO to discover needs, launch and market it to their target users as the final project.Our staff is trained by alumni of the Stanford (the Hasso Plattner Institute of Design), where the Design Thinking methodology has been taught to professionals of various industries.


*Please note that this class will require a minimum of 6 students to run. 




Application Process

Please write no more than 500 words per question and submit your answers HERE after enrolment. We will confirm successful applicant shortly.

  1. Tell us about the most impressive thing you have achieved (non-academic)
  2. What kind of social issues are you most passionate about (e.g., elderly, migrant workers etc), and why is that?
  3. Please tell us something surprising or amusing that you have discovered.


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  • A laptop (PC/Mac) with charger
  • A Gmail account
  • A mindset to create and experiment!


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Programming is both logical and creative. Our core AppJamming curriculum introduces fundamental computer science concepts along side with development of mobile apps. Students will then be equipped with the skills required to transform their idea to a working prototype.

Design Thinking
"Design thinking is a human-centered approach to innovation that draws from the designer's toolkit to integrate the needs of people, the possibilities of technology, and the requirements for business success."

Tim Brown, president and CEO of IDEO

What is Design Thinking?
Design thinking is a process for unlocking innovation that has become an essential tool in business today. Learn about the methodology that involves putting the user’s needs first, helps problem solvers to deeply understand and empathize with the user, and prototyping quickly to gain insights for possible solutions.

What Will We Learn?
The process and tools of human-centered design to give a framework to tackle problems you face.
Hands-on group projects to practice speaking to users, gaining insights from users, and prototyping solutions for them.
A mindset to help give a different perspective to your current challenges.

Are You Ready?


Our Approach
Students form groups of 3-4 to iterate through the three steps of design thinking process - Inspiration, ideation and implementation.

Inspiration: Engage with the problem that motivates the search for solutions.

Ideation: Generate, develop, and test ideas.

Implementation: Springboard idea into real life product to solve problems in people’s lives.

Students will work in teams of 3-4 to engage in pair programming, problem solving, brainstorming and prototyping.

  • Age 15 or above
  • Able to attend all 5 days workshop
  • Involvement in leadership position in school or in community
  • Interest in community issue and solving problems for the local community
  • An open mind, an enthusiastic attitude!


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8:1 Ratio Guarantee

We believe in developing a personal relationship with the student. Our instructors are as much teachers as we are facilitators, and coach for our students' learning. By ensuring a small class, each student benefits from maximum attention from instructor and teaching assistant, and at the same time, learns from peers.

Personalized Learning

Our courses are designed for students to run at their own pace. Our curriculum is level-based for each module, meaning that each student can learn at their own appropriate, customized pace.

Hands-on Project-based Learning

First Code classrooms are messy, chaotic and we love it! We believe in hands-on creation, experimental learning and lots of discussion.

Follow on Curriculum for Immersed Learning

What happens after this holiday? Like learning any other language, learning to code is best done through an immersive, continual commitment. We offer a multi-year curriculum that allows students to deepen and broaden their interests in computer science and software development.


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1-week camp, 6 hours a day. 1,250SGD.


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