3D Minecraft Modding: Design Your Own Mods (Age 9-11)



Language: English


Minecraft, one of the best-selling video games of all time, is the ultimate pillar to showcase children's creativity with building blocks. Minecraft provides a 3D canvas to create anything we have the resources for in the game, and by tapping into the code, we now have the additional power to create anything we can imagine.

This Minecraft modding class allows students to have full control over their 3D game world. Through teaching programming and technical concepts behind video game modding, this course empowers students to modify video games. Students will learn to draw 2D images using Pixlr and turn them into 3D objects in Minecraft, and that is just the tip of the iceberg of what can be achieved.

Through modding, each student develops a completely unique gameworld. Students will be able to share their unique worlds with others, creating a fun and educational experience.




Must have played Minecraft for 2 hours or more :D


  • Program to install:

  • Google Chrome - compulsory

  • Java SE Development Kit 8 & MCreator v1.7.8

    1. Installation guide - here

    2. Installation will also be done in class


    Things to bring to class:

  • Laptop

    1. Mac or Windows

      1. Windows needs to be Windows 7 or newer (except Windows 10S)

    2. The following laptops do NOT work here:

      1. Chromebook running on Chrome OS

      2. Microsoft Surface Laptop running on Windows 10S

      3. Unless another OS is installed on the machine, the above wouldn’t work in class.

  • Password for installation of programs on computer - if they have set password/parental control


Let us know and we shall offer tailored recommendations!

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