Tinker Trial Class (Age 6-8)
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Tinker Trial Class (Age 6-8)

Trial Class | Multiple Days (See Below)

#04-13, Stamford Court, 61 Stamford Road, Singapore 178892

Join Us for our Robotics Trial Class for Age 6-8

Tinker Trial Class

In this class, students are introduced to the basics of programming and learn the fundamentals through robots and iPad. Using one of our tech educational tools, Dash & Dot, students will be introduced to technology as a tool to solve simple and complex problems.

Students will experience how to give commands to robots using iPads to solve puzzles and projects. They will learn basic concepts in mathematics and programming - time, speed and conditionals.

Who is it for?
This is a perfect experience for kids who are new and curious about coding. They get a well-rounded knowledge of the core programs curriculum and will help jumpstart their coding journey with First Code Academy.

Topics Covered

  • Understanding programming as giving a list of commands
  • Understanding key mathematics and science concepts (time, speed, intensity)
  • Understanding concepts in programming (event driven, repeat)
  • Understanding the use of computer and robots in real world


Duration: 90 Minutes
Featured Software/Tech: Hopscotch | Dash & Dot | iPad

*The trial class is open to all. As only limited seats are available, please register for all attendees to confirm your enrollment.

Trial Class Rebates
Get a $45 Rebate on your first Core Program or Holiday Camp enrollment!