3D Game Programming with Unity

Course Description

What’s better than playing a game? Creating your own. What’s better than creating your own game? Making your own 3D game!

From Pixar movies to Minecraft, from 3D printing to virtual / augmented reality, 3D technologies are permeating our lives.

This generation of kids and teens are 3D natives, from 3D movies to games. By teaching them the programming and mathematical concepts behind 3D computer programs, this course empowers them to become creators of 3D technologies.

In this course, we first provide a gentle introduction of 3D modeling through the professional 3D design tool Blender. Students gain hands-on experience in 3D geometry and create fun 3D objects. Using the objects created in Blender, we then move on to program a 3D world in Unity, programming with C# on the Unity3D platform.

Course Highlights

What to bring:

  • A laptop (PC/Mac) with charger
  • Download Unity onto laptop
  • A registered Unity account on unity.com
  • A mindset to create and experiment!