First Code Explorer (Age 9-11)

The First Code Explorer program inspires technology savvy primary school students to go beyond mobile and computer gaming, and move to create their own games and apps. With the emphasis of creativity, First Code Explorer empowers students through problem solving using technology. Students learn computer science concepts, user-centric design, and mobile app development.

Structured Curriculum

Explorer Program offers a vigorous, multi semester curriculum that is catered for students to dive into the world of computer science and software development.

Emphasis on Hands-on Building

To cultivate their curious minds, our instructors guide students through their personal projects towards end of each term. Through the process, students learn to make their own mobile apps from idea to reality.

Strong Foundation on Concepts

Our curriculum emphasizes computer science concepts. Laying a solid foundation of such from a young age, students can apply computational thinking skills to solve problems in different facets of their lives.

"I would like to share our fantastic experience with First Code Academy. My boys enjoyed a lot this first term and they learn deeply the beginning of programming. The method is suitable for kids and the team is very professional: for each lesson, they have a little quiz on what they have learned the week before and the parents receive each week a report. Thanks a lot and see you for the next term soon!"

Marie, Parent of Nicolas and Thomas, French School of Singapore

First Code Explorer Roadmap

Student's Progress

  1. Students follow our tested and proven proprietary coding and STEM curriculum
  2. Start by exploring the fundamentals of computer science using block-based language
  3. Advance into to a simple and visual syntax-based language, JavaScript and Python
  4. Students dive into a set of real life problems, using the framework of design thinking to tackle the problems.
  5. Now, it is time to change the world with our coding and STEM skills!

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  • First Code Explorer Program runs from Jan-Mar, Mar-May, and Sep-Nov
  • 9 weekly classes per term, each class is 1.5 hours long
  • Class size up to 8 students
  • Exclusive invite to special one-off workshops
  • Individual feedback from instructor upon request
  • End of term one-on-one parent teacher conference upon request
Explorer 2
Explorer imac

Program Dates


9 classes per term

1 class per week

90 minutes per class

*Requires at least 4 students to form a class



What to Bring

A laptop (Mac or PC, preferably Mac) with a creative mindset :)

"Aislinn had always been curious about how her App games were created. I introduced her to website but she was not pacified and requested for coding classes. Aislinn loves her lessons at First Code, where she finds her instructors knowledgeable, approachable and open to ideas. After each lesson, she would be very excited to show us her App creation. Her face was simply beaming with pride and happiness that could only result from a truly enjoyable and energy well-expended lesson."

Emily, Parent of Aislinn Goh, Raffles Girls' Primary School

Core Program Roadmap