Introduction to 3D Printing & Modeling

Course Description

Kids and teens of this generation are all 3D natives. From Minecraft to 3D movies, children are surrounded by 3D images and animation from a young age. Spatial thinking capabilities are a critical component of a child’s development.

This course is designed to introduce 3D modeling and printing techniques to the 3D natives. Specifically catered to beginners, we start with an introduction of 3D modeling, navigating through the interface of TinkerCad, a beginner friendly 3D modeling software.

The course then covers 3D design elements and principles, dissects how 3D printer works, and moves into modeling more complex structures.

The course finishes with a complete 3D product which is printed out for kids to take home.

Course Highlights

Topics Covered

  • 3D Design elements and principles
  • Navigation of 3D interfaces
  • 3D Printing basics