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Elegant Web Design with CSS Framework

Course Description

In this course, students are going to learn about what is a CSS framework. Compared to normal way of writing your own styling codes in CSS for each elements, students will be applying such framework to create more defined, and well-designed web pages that are visually appealing and organized in a much quicker and simpler manner. This will also allow more focus on enhancing user experience and understanding the underlying principles.

The CSS framework we use in this course is called Materialize. Materialize is a CSS Framework that uses Material Design, a design language made by google that focuses on innovation, simplicity and a sense of unity across all products. Within the framework, students will get to use recognizable icons, buttons and layouts that normal people will find them familiar and comfortable with.

Throughout this course, students will be building on the prior web programming knowledge they have and extend on their proficiency in web design and programming by learning and getting hands-on experience. In addition, student will learn about design concepts that will allow them to create practical web designs for larger audiences.

Students are expected to have prior knowledge in HTML and CSS, knowing how to build basic layouts of a webpage and understand how class and id works in HTML and CSS. Basic understanding of Javascript syntaxes (or other programming languages) is also required.