First Code Junior (Age 4-5)

The First Code Junior program engages young creators to learn about computer science and logical thinking. Using screenless coding interface like Cubetto and beginner-friendly software like iPad-based ScratchJr, and interactive tools such as littleBits and Sphero, students begin to understand how hardware and software works to create their very first coding projects.

Modular Classes

Designed for young curious minds, this modular course is project-based and hands-on, giving them a first try on programming.

Cutting Edge Technologies

The teaching tools we use are cutting edge, including latest funded Kickstarter projects, and often shipped directly from Silicon Valley and New York.

Visual, Tangible and STEM

Each class we offer a tangible product for students to take home. We believe coding is a means to create with technology; that’s why having an end product is of utmost importance.


  • First Code Junior Program runs from Jan-Mar, Mar-May, and Sep-Nov
  • 9 weekly classes per term, each class is 1.5 hours long
  • Class size up to 8 students
  • Exclusive invite to special one-off workshops
  • Individual feedback from instructor upon request
  • End of term one-on-one parent teacher conference upon request
Tinker 2
Tinker imac

Program Dates


9 classes per term

1 class per week

90 minutes per class

*Requires at least 4 students to form a class



What to Bring

A creative mindset and sometimes iPad :)

"I think the class is great and just about the right amount of time (once a week). Both instructors were patient and explained things clearly. Working with younger kids is hard, so I appreciate their efforts in making things fun and giving them the freedom to 'mess around' a bit."

Samson, Parent of Anik, One World International School

Core Program Roadmap

First Code Junior (Age 4-5) is not available yet, if you're interested, send us an email at