Scratch II

Course Description

Scratch 102 is a deep dive in Scratch for aspiring young programmers following the Scratch 101 course. After learning the fundamentals of Scratch and creative programming, students in the Scratch 102 course solidify their understanding of key computer science concepts including sequences, loops, conditionals, abstraction and object-oriented programming by creating more advanced and even more fun multimedia games and projects.

In this course, students will also start to integrate Scratch projects with hardware devices such as microphones and webcams, creating a whole new horizon of Scratch games that can be controlled by body movements and voice inputs!

Course Highlights

Session Breakdown

  • Session 1-3: Creative Programming: Sounds & Graphics

  • Session 4-6: Advanced Game Programming, Conditionals & Functions

  • Session 7   : Integrating Real World Inputs with Scratch

  • Session 8-9: Scratch Game Design Project

What to Bring:

  • Laptop (Windows/Mac)