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ScratchJr: Tinker with Code

Course Description


The ScratchJr course introduces coding fundamentals and concepts to young imaginative minds. Sometimes referred to as the post-iPad generation, young children born in this generation have gained proficiency and comfort in smartphones and tablets at an early age. ScratchJr is an innovative, new iPad app that teaches blocks-based programming, developed in collaboration with the MIT Media Lab.

Students start with basic commands including moving sprites forward and turning left/right, then building their own fun stories and characters through sequences, loops, conditionals.  Students are encouraged to construct creative games and detail the steps to bring their imagination to reality.

Learning Objectives

  • Understanding the fundamentals of coding for junior age group of kids


Course Highlights


  • Sprites and Animation using ScratchJr
    • Introduction to storytelling and creative programming
    • Familiarizing with the ScratchJr interface and creating first projects
    • Hands-on: designing and programming ScratchJr projects to learn sprites movements and sequences
  • Sprites Speed and Characters Interactions
    • Introduction to programming motions, speed and distances of sprites
    • Introduction to events, timing and waiting
    • Familiarizing with ScratchJr sprites, backgrounds, costumes
    • Hands-on: designing and programming games to learn speed and motion in ScratchJr
  • Loops, Iteration, Sequencing
    • Introduction to repeat function and loops
    • Familiarizing with programming iterations, sequencing and the concept of orders in programming
    • Hands-on: designing and programming ScratchJr games to familiarize with key programming concepts
  • Debugging and Game Design and Programming
    • Introduction to essential elements to games
    • Learning to plan, implement, test, feedback and present ScratchJr projects
    • Familiarizing with techniques in debugging
    • Hands-on: designing and customizing ScratchJr games and demo to the class


Prerequisite Courses / Knowledge

  • Basic Knowledge how to use an Ipad or Tablet.

  • Must have done AJ100 series course before


Age Requirement

  • 5 years +

Term: 2019 July Term (Jul-Sep) / 9 Weeks

Program Dates: July 1 - Sep 6, 2019

Location Day Time
Stamford Mon 5:15 PM to 6:45 PM