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Sgstudentstories rohan


First Code Academy Creator, 12 years old. (Coding languages: AppInventor, Java Processing, Javascript)

About Rohan: Rohan started coding when he was in 2nd grade overseas, using Scratch. He started learning the basics after-school with a teacher, and then taught himself the rest. Eventually, he got quite good at using Scratch, even coding a 1st person shooter and ads for his father's company. After learning AppInventor in First Code, he participated in the AppJamming Summit and was shortlisted as a Singapore Finalist in the Hong Kong Pitch Day.

Quote from: "My Mom told me I should join the AppJamming Summit. I didn't think I would go anywhere, but I gave it a go. My experience at the AppJamming Summit taught me that sometimes, you may not see the potential of your own skills, but it might take someone else to recognise them instead."

His First Code: In the future, Rohan would like to use coding to help me in what he would like to do in his future job: Astrodynamics and Orbital Mechanics. He would also like to continue and finish the coding roadmap at First Code Academy as well.

Sgstudentstories antoine


First Code Academy Explorer student, 11 years old. (Coding languages: AppInventor, Javascript, Java Processing, Python)

About Antoine: Since learning coding from age 8, Antoine fell in love with coding. His favourite language is Javascript and can be found often head to head with the instructors discussing his latest coding project.

Quote from: "I like coding the most because I like to play games, so I decided that I wanted to make my own games when I was younger. And now I am learning Javascript and making more advanced Javascript games and webpages. I particularly like to create full graphic games. "

His First Code: Other than coding, Antoine enjoys Taekwondo, origami and Lego. In the future he wants to become a famous game developer for the App Store and to make a successful gaming app.

Sgstudentstories maxime


First Code Academy Alumnus, 12 years old. (Coding languages: AppInventor, Java Processing, Javascript, Python)

About Maxime: Maxime started learning mobile app development and loves creating visualisations using Java Processing. Some of the personal projects he has worked on during his free time include car simulations and abstract shape generation programs.

His First Code: Maxime aspires to become a game developer when he grows up and intends to build simulation and strategic games. He is always thinking of games that he could build and is currently working on programming his own game. He also aims to understand operating systems in computers a lot better so that he can better work on fixing issues on his own when things go awry.

Sgstudentstories samuel


First Code Explorer, 10 Years Old. (Coding Languages: Scratch, App Inventor)

About Samuel: Samuel started his coding journey when he was 8, in Scratch. Since then, he has advanced to learning mobile app development on MIT's AppInventor and participated in the yearly AppJamming Summit.

His First Code: Amongst his creations are a money collection game on Scratch and a Math quiz mobile app. In school, he continues with coding projects such as building animal robots using hardware sensors. Samuel's ambition is to be program and launch a series of educational and fun games.

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